Day Break at White Sand

I drove to White Sand National Monument in a dark, windy and rainy January Morning.  When I arrived, I realized that there was a car at the parking lot already.  I gathered my camera gear and went up the dune in the light rain.  Here they were.  On top of the dune, stood a young couple with their Nikon and monopod.  So I started to chat with them while waiting for the weather to clear.  They told me that they were college students from Arizona.  It was the boy’s birthday today.  The girl, who grew up in New Mexico, decided to take her photographer boy friend to White Sand for his birthday.  They drove 8 hours and slept in car so that they could catch the first light.  As we were chatting, the rain stopped and the cloud started to clear.  It was beauty and love before my eyes.

Day Break at White Sand


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