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Mesa Arch Sunrise – the Tourist Attraction

Mesa Arch in Canyonlands National Park is such an iconic place that every landscape photographer wants to have a photo of sunrise there.  So, we decided to go to capture our own versions of Mesa Arch.  When we arrived at the parking lot before dawn, there were about 5 vehicles there including a large van.  We looked at each other and thought it must be crowded.  A short hike later, we saw the famous arch with about 10 tripods lined up in front of it.  Reluctantly, we squeezed between photographers and setup our tripods.  My hope of capturing something unique was already out of window at this moment.  15 minutes before sunrise, there came a bus load of 30 some tourists.   My inner peace was out of window.  Nevertheless, the sunrise at Mesa Arch is breathtaking.  Every photographer and non-photographer should have their own versions of the view, not for the sake of capturing a unique image, but for the soul cleansing experience through the mother nature.

Sunrise at Mesa Arch